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The Trading Systems Arms Race - Part II

The game is changing again. The twin forces that have always shaped the markets—technology and regulation—are about to wreak havoc once more.

Investment banks are starting to unleash a new generation of learning machines on the markets to customize, hedge, and execute trades. It’s a step toward the post-human vision of markets.

Across the equities, FX and fixed-income world, apart from a dwindling pool of human traders working on bespoke deals and the human minders of the machines, algorithms will be connecting sellers and buyers and those relying on humans will be increasingly left behind.

In a technology driven industry like financial services IT systems and tools are critical to containing and controlling regulatory and inherent reputational risks.




I have over 20 years experience implementing business critical electronic trading systems and services on schedule and budget for investment banks, exchanges, and financial services technology companies.

My product experience includes equities, fixed income, FX, derivatives, OTCs and structured products. This business knowledge combined with my hands on technical experience across multiple technologies and applications gives me a unique depth and breadth of capabilities within electronic trading systems which is reflected in the high quality service I provide to clients and my excellent delivery record.



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